Alternator primer charge to reduce flux
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Author:  EasternWind [ Sun Oct 16, 2011 10:31 pm ]
Post subject:  Alternator primer charge to reduce flux

I installed an old car 12 volt generator into the system. It starts to turn when the cycloturbine starts to turn.

The 1st coil output is connected to the field of the generator and the armature of the generator is connected to the start of the 2nd coil. Both the alternator and the generator energize each other when they start to turn. This installs a charge into the alternator "as a primer charge ignites the gun powder in a bullet"

Now the generator output is rectified to DC before it enters the alternator that is already generating an output of its own in AC. So there is a mix of ac-dc entering the alternator this prevents the feed back effect in the alternator as each coil charges to the next coil, this AC current sucks in the DC like a siphon effect and the voltage is increased by the stepping charge from the alternator duty cycle.

This can be seen on the scope as a straight line with clipping above and below. If you were to take a test reading between each coil you will see the straight dc voltage line rise from coil to coil but with each rise you will also see the clipping increase also.

This in-turn induces both the generator and the alternator fields and reduces the flux in the alternator.
Faraday's law, an emf in a coil is always induced so as to oppose any change in magnetic flux, and the forces on the currents driven by this emf keep the flux in the coil nearly constant.

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